Most Missed During Quarantine

Everyone has missed something while they were in quarantine. Here are just a few of the most missed out of the house activities from Quarantine 2020.

Health and Wellness Professionals

You’ve probably seen pictures of protesters holding signs about how they want to get a haircut. You probably want to get a haircut, or go to the spa, or get a pedicure right about now. You need it now more than ever so of course it’s the one thing you can’t have right now. Whether it’s your favorite salon or the makeup cottage Grove MN, it’s the kind of thing you probably took for granted when you could have it, and now you can’t have it, you’re full of regrets. 


One of the first things to close when the pandemic hit, and one of the most aggressively missed, were restaurants. Of course many restaurants are now offering delivery, but it’s just not the same. It’s more than just going out to get food, restaurants were a place to meet friends. More than the food or the drinks, you miss having somewhere to go where you could meet friends and catch up face to face. 


Anyone with kids is feeling the importance of school like never before. If you didn’t fully appreciate what teachers did before, you definitely have a better understanding now. And much like restaurants, the real value of school is in the time your children get to socialize and interact with their peers. That said, schools are a key germ vector. While children are less likely to become seriously ill with the coronavirus, they do catch it from each other and then give it to their teachers, parents and grandparents. 

It’s well worth it to stay home and do your part to protect yourself and your community, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bemoan the things you are missing out on.

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