From Shellfish Dinners to Blood Thinners: How Sharks Help Shape Our World

Sharks have terrified beachgoers ever since Jaws took a bite out of cinema history more than forty years ago. Despite the fact shark attack incidents are dropping worldwide, many still dread a deadly encounter with one of these denizens of the deep. Sharks may be far more beneficial to humans than ever imagined, however. Here are three ways sharks make an important impact in our world. A Healthier Sea As the ocean’s apex predator, sharks play a vital roleRead More

Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome and Healthy Lifestyle

Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome is a disease that affects most parts of the body. It is mostly present in babies during birth. Unlike their peers, people with this condition tend to be taller or bigger in size. At the age of 8 the growth slows down and most grown up people are not abnormally tall. Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome may affect some parts of the body and sometimes it affects one side of the body causing uneven growth ofRead More

Essential Healthy Lifestyle Tips You Should Know

If you are interested in living a truly healthy lifestyle, then you may need to make some drastic changes. The foods you eat are very important when it comes to your health. You want to eat a balanced diet that covers all of the food groups. This will help you look and feel you are very best. Make sure you limit your consumption of sugary foods and that you pay attention to the size ofRead More

What you need to know about Hereditary Diseases

Overview A hereditary disease is any condition caused by abnormality in a person’s genetic makeup/ genome. It can range from major to minor abnormality- from a gross abnormality involving subtraction/ addition of a whole chromosome/ set of chromosomes to a distinct mutation in one base of a particular gene’s DNA. Some hereditary diseases are passed on from parents, whereas others result from acquired mutations/ changes in preexisting group of genes or one preexisting gene. InRead More

Impact of an Active Lifestyle to Your Teeth

Generally, active lifestyle is very good for your body but at some time it affects the oral health. However, it is important to maintain the dental hygiene. Thus it is important to keep your mouth look and also smell healthy. This essentially, means that the teeth are often clean and also free of debris, and also free from other oral diseases. Essentially, considering the impact of an active lifestyle to your teeth it is importantRead More

Chromosomal Abnormalities and PGD

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a method aimed at eliminating embryos created by in vitro fertilization (IVF) that have abnormal chromosomes or carry a serious genetic disease before pregnancy begins. Genetic diagnosis of preimplantation (PGD) refers specifically to when one or even both of the genetic parents have a known genetic abnormality, and testing is conducted at an early level to determine if it does not carry a genetic anomaly. These structural or numerical defects in embryos areRead More

Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the third molars in your mouth and there are many reasons why one or more may be extracted. Whether it is due to cavities or some traumatic event, wisdom teeth extraction is a minor procedure that will not require a long hospital stay. After the procedure, however, you will be required to be careful with what you eat. The molars and premolars perform the functions of chewing and grinding. Losing one orRead More

The Patient’s Guide to Simple Congenital Heart Defects

What is Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) This is an abnormality in the function or structure of the heart. This includes things that affect the walls of the blood vessels, organ, that carries the blood to and from it, and the valves which regulate blood flow. Some CHDs are minor and cause no noticeable symptoms. Others so severe that they can place the patient’s life at risk. Symptoms vary according to the type of defect suffered,Read More

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