When to Seek Geriatric Care Management Services

The aging process can present some difficult choices for individuals and their loved ones. Many families feel they have to face these challenges alone. This is why it is important to consider care management services to get the necessary support. Specialists with unique knowledge in a range of senior issues will help facilitate care plans and offer family support through this life change. Here are some important ways a geriatric care manager can help.


Seniors may need different types of assistance to maintain their independence. Specialists can assist seniors with securing wraparound services from various agencies, which gives them a full spectrum of aid to help with daily living activities. When needed, managers will help with a move to an assisted-living facility or to nursing care. Their support is vital considering all of the decision-making necessary for a smooth transition.

Resource Guidance

Finding the right resources plays a significant role in senior health and well-being. This can be an arduous task, as there are many different agencies to consider and a lot of paperwork to complete. For seniors living alone or family members helping them, having an elder care Bethesda MD trained professional guiding the acquisition process is invaluable.

Family Support

Most individuals need some level of family involvement as they age. However, this can be stressful for seniors if there are existing family conflicts. This can be further complicated by financial and legal issues. Geriatric care managers have the training and expertise to offer ideas for resolution.

Crisis Intervention  

Aging can be a daunting progression for some individuals. Health and independence losses can cause crisis situations to arise. These problems can result in a number of concerns for individuals and families. Senior care management means having a strategy in place to deal with serious issues as they occur.

Geriatric case managers are a lifeline through the aging process for seniors and their loved ones. Manager training and expertise make difficult decisions more manageable. More importantly, they give hope and help when it is needed most.

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