How to Transition a Loved One to an Assisted Living Facility

Making the decision to move a family member outside their home can be a tough one, even if it is the correct one. With the following strategies in mind, you can make the transition as smooth as possible.

Consider Their Feelings

Many people are hesitant to move into assisted living facilities MO. To be fair, why wouldn’t they be? They are leaving a familiar place to go to a brand new environment where they won’t know anyone. That is why it is very important to show them you care and you only want what’s best for them, even if they don’t see it at first. Make sure you acknowledge their emotions and accentuate the positive aspects of their new home.

Visit Them

There are potentially two schools of thought when it comes to the first time you see them in their new environment. You can either show up frequently or give them a two-week period to sort everything out for themselves. This obviously depends on their personality and their ability to take care of themselves. Seeing them right away has the advantage of presenting them with the fact they will never be alone. However, this can make them reliant on you. Waiting for the first visit offers the advantage of showing them they are still independent. However, this might leave them with feelings of abandonment. Do what is best for you and your family.

Establish Routines

The more they feel like they aren’t missing their previous life, the more comfortable they will be. For example, keeping them on the same meal schedule whenever possible can help them feel more at home. The same goes for bathing and brushing their teeth. Don’t be afraid to take their beloved possessions with them. Let them have their photo albums, favorite blankets or knick-knacks.

Despite how troublesome the transition might be, these new homes are often great for the people living there. Once they have the opportunity to settle in, they will make new friends and partake in all sorts of fun activities.

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