Three Gifts Your Significant Other Will Love

Gift-giving can be difficult, especially when the person you’re buying for has been in your life for years and you feel as though you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities. Experience-based and consumable gifts, such as the following, are ideal for these types of situations. There’s no chance that they will sit in a drawer collecting dust, and you can give them again and again!


If your significant other has been under a lot of stress lately, a gift certificate for a therapeutic massage Palm Springs CA could be just what he or she needs. To up the romance factor, you could even spring for a couples massage and make a day of it with an intimate meal out.

Gourmet Goodies

Everyone loves a treat. If your special someone is a drinker, a bottle of wine or well-aged liquor is a thoughtful gift that you can enjoy together. If not, chocolates, a charcuterie board or another favorite food is an ideal substitute. To make things even easier, pick out a prepackaged basket from Harry and David or another retailer. It’s best to choose something that your recipient doesn’t indulge in on a regular basis to make the gift extra-special.

A Weekend Away

Uninterrupted quality time together is the best gift of all. Try surprising your significant other by picking a weekend a month or two from now, when you don’t already have plans, and book a night or two in a nearby hotel. Don’t overthink it: the destination and activities that you plan matter less than the fact that the two of you will have a break from your everyday routine.

Next time your significant other’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary rolls around, try surprising him or her with one (or more!) of these gifts. You won’t regret it!

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