Things To Know About a Massage Therapy Career

The Massage Therapy Association stated that 19% of Americans had at least one massage in 2018.For thousands of years, massage has been a common practice, and today’s massage therapists can be trained in approximately 80 types of massage. Massage studies have revealed many health benefits, such as injury healing, pain relief and overall wellness improvements. If you want to become a massage therapist Atlanta, consider the following.


Massage therapists are required to earn licenses to practice. This licensing requires a formal training program from an accredited educational institution. You may be required to complete 500 to 1000 hours of training. You may also specialize in a specific type of massage, but you will learn basic anatomy, kinesiology and physiology during the program as well. If you plan to start a massage business, you may complete business classes as well. Continuing education is also required before your massage license can be renewed.

About the Job

Massage therapists make $29,420 to $59,370 depending on their education, experience and location. Massage is a satisfying and enjoyable career. Most massage therapists experience low stress and have positive work-life balance. If you work for others, you will experience promotion and salary increases provided that you work hard and are dedicated to the company. These companies also offer increased scheduling flexibility.

Because they work in an allied health profession, you must adopt a high-level of professionalism. You should also be positive and high-energy. You should also be aware of the physical demands of this job and protect your body from injury. Cleaning and sanitization practices are also required.

Massage Fields

Therapists may provide aesthetic massage, which focus on relaxation, tissue toning and tension release. Medical massage therapy focuses on pain reduction and other medical conditions. These therapists should also pursue science-based coursework. Massage therapists may also work in other fields, such as prenatal care or sports massage.

If you are interested in a fun, flexible career where you help people, consider pursuing a career in massage.

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