Massage: Fine Art, Ancient Science, Promising Career

The field of massage has received constantly growing interest for decades, not just among athletes but also among the general public. At the same time, massage practices have gained wider acceptance within the medical community. Together, these trends are stimulating a rise in job prospects for massage therapists.

The Makings of a Massage Therapist

Successful massage therapists are marked by certain shared qualities. Like any therapy, it’s important to be in this business for the right reasons. Good therapists have a high degree of empathy and show genuine care for their clients’ health. On a practical note, flexibility, physical strength and excellent coordination are non-negotiable traits. A warm, open demeanor helps patients release tension, a necessary precondition for any massage to be effective. Most importantly, top therapists are committed to making every client feel his or her best upon leaving a session.

Learning the Trade

In most states, a massage therapy license Atlanta is a necessary prerequisite to practice any sort of massage. Each state has its own regulations for granting licenses, which potential therapists must honor by attending an accredited massage school in whichever state they desire to do business.

Comprehensive massage courses explore the fundamentals of anatomy and the normal functions of each part of the body. Trainees then learn the proper techniques to make each body part work as it should while not compromising the work of any other part. Methods range from the general to specialty disciplines such as reflexology, Ayurvedic, deep-tissue and sports massage. In case something does go wrong, massage training also entails basic emergency preparedness in CPR and first aid.

The final phase of education involves literal hands-on experience with live patients. The intimacy of a massage between patient and practitioner additionally raises ethical and legal concerns that responsible educators cannot fail to address. After completing their studies, candidates can start preparing for any state-approved licensing exam.

With the right skills and attitude, now could be your time to take up massage as a business. Reserve a place in your local massage institute for next term.

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