Eating Low Carb at the Office

Have you tried the ketogenic diet yet? Maybe you’ve started enjoying the mental clarity, weight loss, and enhanced energy that the keto diet can provide. Maybe you’re thinking about starting but aren’t sure what to eat. It may seem intimidating to take carbs out of your meals, but there are some great options for easy, low-carb meals that are office-friendly and delicious.

Meat and Cheese, Baby

It’s hard to go wrong with some mouthwatering cheese and succulent meat. The options are nearly limitless with pulled pork, Black Forest ham, smoked turkey, or slice pastrami. Pair with lettuce for a yummy wrap or salad veggies for a crunchy treat. Many creamy dressings found at your Pittsburgh commissary are naturally low carb, so you can find a variety of different flavors and go to town!

Mexican Food

The great thing about Mexican food is how easily it converts to a keto lifestyle. If you’re a burrito buff or an enchilada enthusiast, then keto has great news for you. Many of the ingredients that make Mexican food so delicious are highly prized in the keto world. This includes foods such as avocados, cheese, eggs, pork, chicken, and beef. Making a taco salad or a cheese-shelled taco can be a great way to bring some low-carb tastiness into your workday.

Yesterday’s Dinner

Leftovers can be an easy and simple way to get a hot, tasty meal without extra work. Just make a little extra a few nights a week, and store them in a simple Tupperware container for weekday meals. Just be sure you have a reliable way to heat your meals. Many offices have a designated kitchen area with a microwave and sometimes even an oven for reheating.

If you’re loving the way you feel when you lower your carbs, you don’t have to stop just because of an office job. Some ingenuity and a little planning will get you far and help you take this lifestyle from a quick weight loss diet to a valuable way of life.

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