Support Your Aging Parents While Caring for Yourself

Your parents have given you a great deal over the years, and now, as an adult child of aging parents, you may find that you are giving back to them by helping around their home. Family members rally around those in their group who need assistance. However, wise people remember that they must also make time to care for their own physical and mental health needs to be fully available and ready to offer help to another. It is for those times that you, as a primary caregiver for aging parents, will want to consider adding a home care assistant as a valued member of your parents’ support team. They can offer a great deal of aid in several helpful ways.

The House

Chores that young people take for granted, such as cooking, cleaning and laundry, are easy to complete quickly with a healthy body at the ready. These same chores can become onerous for those who are older. They may have mobility and strength issues that limit their ability to reach, lift and bend their bodies. A home aide can prepare meals, do simple housekeeping chores and make short work of the laundry for your parents.

The Vehicle

Because of declining vision and reflexes, the elderly often need to rely on others to provide their transportation. A companion caregiver Grosse Pointe MI can handle the driving duties for your parents. They can make sure they get to their needed doctor and dental appointments, as well as do grocery shopping. Aides can also run other errands for them.

The Treatments

One of the biggest worries that adult children with older parents face is ensuring that their mother and father take their appropriate medications at the correct times throughout the day. A professional home care assistant can help with this important task.

Rest and peace of mind come from knowing that you can take some time away from those you love with special needs when you can rely on the services of a home care assistant.

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