Tips for Maintaining Your Pond

It’s important to consider the responsibilities involved with maintaining a pond before installing one on your property.


Several responsibilities go into maintaining a pond. To start, you will need to regularly clean your pond of dirt, debris, and leaves. Leaves can be especially harmful as they release toxic gas when they decay which can harm your pond’s ecological balance. Help break down sludge and waste in the water with an all-natural enzyme treatment. Use a skimmer to easily remove leaves and other debris from the surface of your pond. For deeper sludge and build-up, you can use a pond vacuum that reaches the bottom of the pond. Although you need to clean your pond regularly, it can be made easier when you use the right equipment.


Introduce new plants in the early summer when the weather is warm. There are several types of plants that can easily thrive in a pond environment both below and above the water. Floating plants like water lettuce grow on top of the water with roots that dangle below the surface. Submerged plants like willow moss grow under the water to help oxygenate the water. Marginal plants like water lilies can be planted in shallow areas for additional decoration. Bog plants grow well in swampy areas and help stabilize the area around your pond. Don’t be surprised if you find frogs and other wildlife living amongst the canna lilies and irises around your pond. 


To complete your pond, add decorative stones and a fountain or waterfall. Fountains not only add to the overall appearance of your pond but provide essential aeration for the water. Whenever you are near your pond you can enjoy watching the wildlife while you listen to the soothing sound of running water. Install submersible lights, spotlights, or floating lights to create a stunning display and enjoy your pond even after the sun has set.

Use these helpful tips to decide whether you can dedicate the time and care required to keep a pond on your property.

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