Prenatal Care – Going Natural

If you are considering natural prenatal care Tampa area, please be aware that you have an excellent licensed Florida birth center with not only complete maternity care, but also with performance by a skilled and professional caring staff including Licensed Midwives. 

The Midwife 

A Florida Licensed Midwife has many qualifications, such as the following: * Be a graduate of a three-year academic Midwifery program * Must pass the North American Registry of Midwives national certification examination * Have eight semesters of clinical internship * Must attend 75 deliveries * Work in collaboration with physicians * Offer childbirth services in a patient’s home as well as in birth centers, hospitals, and clinics. 

What are the Birth Suites Like? 

The birth suites at the facility are private with their own birth tub for a birth that is a natural and normal event facilitated by the Midwife. Imagine having the freedom to move around, having personalized care aimed at your wishes, being able to eat and drink during labor, there being no routine IVs, and after the birth having uninterrupted bonding with the baby. 

What Other Services are Provided? 

Additional services include pre-pregnancy counseling, free pregnancy testing, prenatal visits, ultrasounds and labs, supplements and vitamins, childbirth classes, breastfeeding support, postpartum care, and more. 

What If There is an Emergency? 

Normal pregnancies by healthy women generally result in normal births. If there are warning signs of a potential problem ahead of time, the staff can calmly plan to prevent or manage that problem, if possible. The Midwife is experienced, highly trained, and is able to quickly identify and usually manage any situation that arises. If a complication develops, there is a trained staff and emergency equipment including IVs, oxygen, medications, and resuscitation equipment. If a transfer to the USF Midwives Group at Tampa General Hospital, only a half mile away, becomes necessary, the Midwife has a plan in place and will accompany you to where you will receive the obstetrical care that is required. Sweet Child O’ Mine located in Brandon, Florida, serves the entire Tampa Bay area and is the example used in this article to explain what that type of birthing center is like. You are welcome to take a free tour and see for yourself all the innovations that will exceed the normal standards of maternity care and create an extremely satisfying experience for your whole family.

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