Botox for Migraines: How Does It Work?

Botox isn’t just for cosmetics anymore. If you’ve been listening in on the latest migraine treatments, you probably have heard Botox come up. If you’re only familiar with Botox as a cosmetic treatment, this might come as a surprise to you. The first question patients ask is if it’s the same Botox. Is there a different type of Botox treatment separate from cosmetic? If you suffer from migraines and are curious about Botox and migraineRead More

3 Most Common Radiology Services

When people think of radiology, they often associate the term with broken bones. However, there is much more to radiology services than just x-rays for fractured or broken bones. In fact, most people will need regular radiology services throughout their lifetime.  Mammograms Breast cancer is a serious issue for women. For this reason, women should begin receiving annual mammograms around the age of 45. However, women with a family history of breast cancer may requireRead More

The Benefits of Surgical Lasers

Doctors are now turning to modern technology to replace the medical equipment of the past. Basic x-rays were replaced with ultrasounds, and now, the scalpel blade has been replaced with lasers. Surgical lasers can be used in various types of procedures, and they have benefits for both the patient and the surgeon when used in the surgical suite. Procedures for Surgical Lasers Laser surgery, which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, uses special beamsRead More

Tips for Aging Well

The Baby Boomer generation is growing near to retirement age, and there will soon be an increase in the demand for services and assistive care facilities that work with the aging population.  In addition to long term care, hospitals and practitioners will experience a greater need for geriatric treatment. As these services expand, the ability for patients to financially afford the services may decline. Affordable Care Limited income and government assistance programs put a capRead More

What to Expect From an MRI

Today, physicians have many tools at their disposal to help assess a medical situation and determine the best course of treatment. X-ray, ultrasound, CT scans and others may be utilized as necessary based on the symptoms or injury. Traditional MRIs were tunnel-like devices where a patient would lay down and be fed into the device where they would have to lay very still while the images were captured. This method was difficult if the patientRead More

Growing Demand of body surgeries

Surgeries have become very common today because of the advancing medical technology and improving medical devices. Exercising has been advertised for more than 50 years now to reduce the aging process and keep on body fit. But the visible effect is less and it is noticed only if you continue doing the exercises regularly and all your life. Also you need to possess good knowledge of your over all body and know how to doRead More

From Shellfish Dinners to Blood Thinners: How Sharks Help Shape Our World

Sharks have terrified beachgoers ever since Jaws took a bite out of cinema history more than forty years ago. Despite the fact shark attack incidents are dropping worldwide, many still dread a deadly encounter with one of these denizens of the deep. Sharks may be far more beneficial to humans than ever imagined, however. Here are three ways sharks make an important impact in our world. A Healthier Sea As the ocean’s apex predator, sharks play a vital roleRead More

Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome and Healthy Lifestyle

Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome is a disease that affects most parts of the body. It is mostly present in babies during birth. Unlike their peers, people with this condition tend to be taller or bigger in size. At the age of 8 the growth slows down and most grown up people are not abnormally tall. Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome may affect some parts of the body and sometimes it affects one side of the body causing uneven growth ofRead More

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