How To Host a Great Athletic Event for Those With Special Needs

Hosting an athletic event for those with special needs can be such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Having events that are inclusive of this population is important, and as the host of such an event, you should do everything you can to make it as positive and memorable as possible. For a few easy tips for how to make it a retreat to remember, follow these three easy steps.

Make Sure That Everyone Gets to Participate

The goal of this type of event is to include everyone who might not normally be included in athletic activities. Consider having wheelchair racing or basketball so that no one feels left out. If you are stumped about all the activities that you can offer, consider talking to the athletes themselves prior to game day and seeing what they would be interested in. 

Supply All Necessary Amenities

Having wheelchair accessible bathrooms, ADA showers for after the events and ramps for common areas shows a lot of respect for those who are disabled, and it will make the day much easier for them. Be sure that you ask each participant if there are any special amenities that he or she may need prior to the day of the event.

Just Have Fun

Athletic events are meant to be about teamwork, fun and healthy competition. Try to foster an environment of playfulness and joy. You will be rewarded by all the smiles that you help create on that day, and you never know when someone might need to see your smile as well. 

Hosting an event for disabled people can be a great way to give back to the community. Many of these individuals do not get all the attention that they want and deserve, and your efforts can help highlight the need that is present. 

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