Why Metal Braces Are Best for Children

Many orthodontists recommend metallic braces for young patients in the family-oriented neighborhood of Forest Hills despite the availability of other materials. These are some benefits of traditional metal braces over plastic and ceramic or invisible front surface versions. 

Treat More Issues

Dentists who recommend traditional braces Forest Hills NY tend to work with children whose teeth are overcrowded, misaligned or gapped. These metal versions are best suited to correct dramatic dental problems effectively and provide long-lasting results. 


Metal braces are long-lasting and can tolerate the pressure of the orthodontist’s periodic adjustments and are most resistant to breakage that can occur during play and sports activities. Unlike invisible braces, held in place by removable clipped trays, traditional metal braces remain in place. They cannot be lost or damage outside the mouth.


For children who typically wear braces over one to three years, comfort is a consideration. Metal braces feel better in the mouth than plastic and ceramic braces because they are less bulky. Also, the pain of shifting teeth that occurs with all teeth aligners lasts considerably longer with slowly adjusting removable invisible braces.


Ceramic and plastic braces blend with the color of natural teeth better than metal braces. Unfortunately, the natural discoloration of the rubber bands that hold the bars to the brackets is visible. With metal braces, there is an option to use multi-colored rubber bands that don’t show stains and create a fun and fashionable effect that appeals to children. Invisible braces are not immune from staining from food particles and plaque or tartar deposits.


Most insurance companies will cover traditional metal or ceramic braces. However, The overall cost of non-metallic versions is higher because they require orthodontists to adjust them more frequently. Also, the price is higher to mold ceramic and plastic braces. Invisible braces can cost twice as much as traditional metallic ones because they are custom. Insurance cost-sharing is also not as high.

Recently, there are more options than ever for dental braces. Traditional metal braces remain the primary choice for orthodontists and parents.

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