Understanding Laser Cataract Surgery

Today, modern innovations have made it possible to treat and cure an array of conditions using lasers. This includes cataracts. Laser surgery for cases of cataracts is still considered a bit new; however, it is quickly becoming the preferred option for treating both astigmatism and cataracts in patients of all ages.

Advantages of Lasers vs. Traditional Surgery

There are several advantages offered by laser surgery versus more traditional surgery options. One reason to choose this option is that it is more effective. Also, conventional surgery for cases of cataracts is much more invasive. With conventional surgery, hand-held blades are used to help open the eye. After this, a vibrating probe is used to fragment the lens of the eye so it can be removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

However, with laser cataract surgery Palm Springs FL, many of these same tasks can be done but using a computer for guidance. This means the procedure is much more precise than what the human hand can do. Also, the laser procedure is easier on the eye than an ultrasound. This is something that is particularly important, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Ability to Treat Cases of Astigmatism

There’s another benefit offered by laser surgery – it can be used to fix some cases of astigmatism. This occurs if there is an irregularity in the curvature of the eye, which results in vision distortion. With laser surgery, it is possible to correct this common eye-related issue.

When it comes to laser surgery, there are more than a few factors that must be considered. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to know if this is a treatment that would be a viable option for your needs and your particular eye-health issue. A doctor can also help you make the right decision regarding your eye health.

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