Tips for Aging Well

The Baby Boomer generation is growing near to retirement age, and there will soon be an increase in the demand for services and assistive care facilities that work with the aging population.  In addition to long term care, hospitals and practitioners will experience a greater need for geriatric treatment. As these services expand, the ability for patients to financially afford the services may decline.

Affordable Care

Limited income and government assistance programs put a cap on an individual’s ability to pay for needed medical care during the final years of life. It is often a challenge for all parties involved with the money to come to an agreement on covered services and reasonable costs. Managed care consultants work to bridge the gap between service and affordability.

Lifestyle Choices

The later years in life shouldn’t be spent worrying about such things. A proactive way to avoid much of this stress is to age well. By following these few tips, you can give your health a boost and improve your quality of living as you grow older.

  1. Make activity a priority. Try water aerobics, yoga or simply walking with a friend several times a week. Consistent activity will keep your heart strong, allowing much-needed blood and oxygen to course through your body. It will also keep your muscles from atrophy.
  2. Watch your intake. Much of your body’s ability to store and retain nutrition will drop during the older years, so it is important to increase your intake of greenly leafy vegetables, fiber, calcium and brain-health supplements. Stay hydrated!
  3. Pick the right probiotic. Your gut health will deteriorate over time, and the right probiotic can keep your digestive tract in good working order.

Although you may still require medical care as you age, taking care of your health might limit the number of times your land in the hospital or rehab facility. Focus on what you can do to stay alert, active and healthy.

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