Signs You Need to Have a Tooth Pulled

If you are like many people, you may view tooth extraction as an extremely painful procedure. However, if you are dealing with severe pain in your mouth because of a decayed or damaged tooth, having it pulled will offer you relief. It can also help to prevent other issues from occurring.

Most people want to know for sure that tooth extraction South Weymouth MA is needed. Some of the signs you should call and schedule an appointment for this procedure are listed below.  

Trauma to Your Tooth

Tooth trauma can occur after you fall, after an auto accident, or any other impact on your face. If the tooth cannot be saved with splints, a root canal, or another treatment, then having the tooth extracted may be the only option to alleviate the pain.

Wisdom Teeth Issues

Swelling and pain in your jaws and gums may occur if your wisdom teeth have become partially or fully blocked by gum tissue or bone. Even if there is not enough room in your mouth, wisdom teeth may try to push their way through unless they are removed. The good news is, removing your wisdom teeth will not impact your ability to chew or bite.

Orthodontic Problems

Sometimes, it will be necessary to remove a few teeth before orthodontic treatment is done. A dentist or orthodontist can let you know if this is necessary and let you know which teeth need to be removed.

If you have to have a tooth removed, the procedure is much less stressful than it was in the past. Thanks to modern techniques and high-tech equipment, most dentists can handle this process with minimal pain and discomfort for patients. If you are dealing with any of the issues above, be sure to keep the information here in mind to know when tooth extraction is a good option.

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