Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning has several phases. The first phase consists of removing debris that can’t be vacuumed. The next is removing stickers and trash. This is necessary to prepare the site for work on flooring, painting, and fixtures. You may need to hire a professional to do this step.

Touch-up cleaning 

After a building has been constructed, the site must be cleaned thoroughly for touch-up cleaning. This stage includes scrubbing surfaces, removing debris, and cleaning glass, walls, doors, and windows. The final phase of post-construction cleaning, also known as the “deep clean,” involves thoroughly inspecting the entire property. The post construction cleaning Fort Lauderdale, FL, cleaning crew should begin at the farthest exterior edge to start the clean-up process.

The touch-up phase occurs a few days after the second phase to remove residual dust. Then, the cleaning crew can focus on final dust clearing as the building has had time to settle. The touch-up clean takes a few hours, a relatively inexpensive post-construction cleaning phase. It also ensures the interior is move-in ready.

It involves polishing marble or concrete floors.

Floor polishing is a process of finishing and refining floors with a high shine. Polishing involves grinding down concrete slabs to produce different sizes and colors. This process also involves applying decorative aggregates to the surface. The level of the sheen of polished floors depends on the aggregate exposure level. Different grades of polish have extra sheen and reflectiveness. Various materials can be used for polishing, including diamond grit and abrasive paper.

One type of floor polishing uses acid-based stains that react with concrete’s natural lime to create a mottled and varied look. Acid-stained concrete, meanwhile, gives a marble-like appearance. Concrete can also be dyed by mixing a solid colorizing agent, while stained concrete is colored with a solution. These two processes can be combined to produce an infinite range of colors and designs.

It involves removing dust.

There are a few things that you should remember when cleaning up construction dust. First, wear a dust mask while cleaning. The highest concentration of dust will be collected on door frames and window trims, so try to dust these surfaces last. If you cannot remove the dust by hand, use a microfiber dusting cloth instead. This will minimize the amount of dust that falls to the floor. Also, remember to dust blinds carefully, as these are a magnet for dust particles.

After cleaning up the debris, you should wipe down the surfaces thoroughly. You can use chamois and rags to clean vertical surfaces. You can combine chamois with quality degreasers and ammonia-based cleaners to clean up horizontal surfaces. You should also thoroughly wipe down all surfaces to eliminate any dust deposited on them. You should also read the directions on the cans carefully to know what they are made of and how much they cost.

It is time-consuming

Post-construction cleaning is the process of removing debris and dust after a construction project has been completed. Post-construction cleaning is an essential step in the construction process and should not be overlooked. Proper cleaning is beneficial for both the health and bottom line. Before you start, organize your work! Begin cleaning at the furthest point from the front door and work your way in and outward. This will keep dust and debris outside and make cleaning your walls and floors easier.

The first phase of post-construction cleaning is the rough cleaning phase. You will need to remove debris from the walls, floors, and cabinetry. You will also need to remove any leftover stickers from walls and ceilings. These tasks are time-consuming and require professional equipment and skills. However, the cleaning will be done on time and professionally. In addition, cleaners will be able to assess which areas need special attention.

It is expensive

The cost of post-construction clean-up varies widely, depending on the level of detail required, the size of the property, the materials used, the geographic location of the building, and the experience of the cleaning company. Deep clean-up costs, including power washing the concrete and walkways, can range anywhere from $2550 to $7500 per 25,000 square feet. For example, the cost of cleaning the exterior windows will likely be higher than the interior clean-up.

Professionals have years of training and experience in the post-construction cleaning. They use specialized cleaning methods and tools for different surfaces and will avoid hidden nooks and crannies. Hiring a professional will also reduce the risk of injury since they use specialized cleaning tools and strategies. In addition, hiring a post-construction cleaning company will ensure your home is spotless and ready to move in. In addition to being a more expensive option, hiring a professional will ensure your house is as clean as possible and less likely to have any problems with damage.

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