Obtaining a Real Estate License in Boston

Becoming a real estate agent is a career goal for many people. Whether you plan on working as an agent full-time or want to supplement your current career with real estate knowledge, you will want to know what to expect on the path to licensure.

What are the basic qualifications for how to get a real estate license Boston?

Qualifying Factors

There are basic qualifications for obtaining your real estate license in Massachusetts. You must be 18 years old and have a valid social security number or tax identification number. You should also be aware that you will be asked for character endorsements from three people who are not related to you. Be prepared for that by reaching out to teachers, previous supervisors, or community members that know you well.

Education Requirements

You are required to attend state-approved real estate courses before you can sit for the licensing exam. There are many options for both in-person and online learning, and the costs are variable depending on how you choose to complete your classes. Once you have completed 40 hours of pre-licensing instruction, you should obtain proof of completion.

Application Process

The next step will be to complete the application for examination. You will need to include proof of your eligibility, as well as your completed courses. Ensure your state taxes are paid and up-to-date, and pay the application and exam fees.

Examination Period

Once you are approved to take the test, you can schedule your exam at a Boston testing site. Give yourself plenty of time to study and prepare for the test. It features over 100 questions and takes an average of four hours to complete.

If earning your real estate license is on your goals list, knowing how to prepare for licensure can get you one step closer.

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