Managing a Safe Jobsite

When you’re managing a job site, the single most important thing to stay on top of is safety. Here are some important ways to ensure a safe working environment for your team.

Delegate Responsibility

Appoint a key staff member to direct safety training for all employees. You need to choose the right training programs for your company’s operations, and you need to choose a training provider who is qualified to help meet your workforce’s individual needs.

Ensure Compliance with Local and Federal Regulations

Depending on your workforce’s activities, you’re likely governed by both OSHA and city or municipal guidelines. At a minimum, you need to provide your workers with the training programs and materials required by these programs. In order to ensure compliance, work with a company that specializes in helping managers abide by all applicable safety regulations.

Make Safety Training a Continuing Practice

Safety training at the time of onboarding likely isn’t going to be sufficient. Regularly scheduled training sessions to address specific topics can help ensure that safety stays at the forefront of workers’ minds. In addition, it can help you to achieve an in-depth review of important safety topics individually.

Supply Your Workforce with the Safety Gear that they Need

You can tell your people that they have to wear gloves or goggles, but if you don’t have enough equipment onsite, or worse, you insist that your workforce provides their own, it’s simply not going to happen. As a manager, you need to have the initiative and accountability to ensure that your team has adequate protective equipment.

Treat Safety Violations as Employee Discipline Issue

Nobody likes having to write up their people for problems on the job, but when somebody willfully disregards safety protocols, it may be the most effective way to get the message to sink in. Ultimately, it will reduce or eradicate unsafe practices that could seriously endanger other workers.

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