How to Survive a Rainy Day

There are those times that have you thinking the sun has gone out forever. The rain won’t stop, and you not only are considering building an ark but getting ark insurance for the flood. On those miserable wet days when you can’t stay in bed with a good book, there are some ways to make it through more comfortably. Next time you have to wade into the rain, give these hacks a try.

Fun Umbrella

If you have to be out in the wet weather, you might as well sing in the rain under a cute umbrella. Try one that makes you smile and picks up your mood. Summon a spring day with butterflies or go for a more sophisticated look with a peacock print. 

Cute Rainboots

If you live in a city, you’re probably going to be walking for some distance. Keep your work shoes dry and toasty while you wear some cute rainboots. Go for a bright yellow or try some with a floral pattern to lift your mood with every step.


If you have boots that you love, try waterproofing them. You can find waterproofing spray at your favorite store or online. It works on many types of leather and fabric. It can keep your feet dry and protect your footwear at the same time.

Pretty Hair Accessories

When it’s pouring down outside, blowing out your hair, straightening it or curling it is a waste of time. Invest in some lovely hair accessories so you can clip it back, twist it up or put it in a swingy ponytail that will still look like you took time to look nice. 

Layer Comfy Clothes

Finally, when you absolutely have to leave the house in messy weather, you can at least wear something soft and comfortable. Layer your clothes in case the rain makes it’s way past your defenses. It may be time for a sweater with that soft tunic and tights that you love so much.

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