How To Choose a Concealed Carry Holster

Those who carry concealed weapons need to carefully select appropriate holsters. Choosing the right holster, such as a concealed shoulder holster, can determine whether you carry your weapon safely while effectively hiding it from the public.

Trigger Protection

To prevent your weapon from being fired by foreign objects or other people, choose a holster that covers the trigger completely. You should have to fully grip the weapon and pull it out of the holster to get your finger into the trigger mechanism. However, the holster must allow you to grip the weapon in a firing position without necessary adjustments as you drawl it.

Secure Hold

Security is typically your first priority to ensure your weapon is safe. Your firearm should fit snugly inside your holster. It should not slip or move around. The holster should be made for your exact weapon. Holsters that are made for multiple weapons may not hold your weapon property, putting you and others in danger. Look for retention screws that can be tightened or loosened, allowing you to adjust how tight the holster is on your weapon and how easy it is to draw.

One test to ensure a secure holster is tipping it upside down with your weapon in it and shaking it. Do so on a soft surface, such as a bed, to prevent an accidental misfire as you shake it. You want to see if your forearm will fall out of the holster.

Test the Presentation

You should put on your prospective holsters and test pulling your weapon. You want a nice, smooth draw so you can present your weapon quickly and safely. The movement should also be natural and intuitive. Therefore, watch the orientation of the weapon in the holster. Run, walk and sit with the holster to ensure it is comfortable and that you can pull your weapon properly with either hand in these positions.

These tips will help you find multiple holsters so you can securely carry while wearing any outfit.

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