Grow Your Medical Device Repair Business

The refurbished medical equipment industry can be quite lucrative, but it takes the right equipment, skilled staff, and innovative tools to keep the customers coming in the doors. While you may be good with repairs, you can boost your business by expanding to include restoration services. There is a renewed interest in classic medical devices, and by being able to replace rare parts or create custom looks, you can give your repair business a serious boost.

Using Quality Materials

Working on equipment that is current to the industry generally means parts are readily available. Unless it is a specific upgrade or modification, you probably won’t need to do much metal fabrication. However, when you are restoring older models, sourcing quality materials will help the finished product last longer. Certain steel components, such as a stainless custom 630, are good investments when working with items that need corrosion resistance and durability.

Using Quality Equipment

Hunting down obsolete parts or trying to retrofit aftermarket items can be a huge headache when restoring older equipemt. It is much easier to fabricate your own parts, as you can do just about anything with raw materials and the equipment to cut, bend, weld, or machine various elements or pieces of metal. An investment into quality equipment like bead rollers, bench presses, metal hand forming tools, and tube or pipe benders and notchers can go a long way in increasing your revenue stream with a growing niche.  

Hiring Quality Employees

Television shows that air on Discovery’s Velocity channel make it look easy, but metal fabrication takes a lot of practice and experience. You can recruit graduates or students from local community colleges or trade schools that offer fabrication training programs. This will ensure your operations are safe, efficient, and high quality.

Boosting your repair business might mean that you expand your service opportunities. Weight the risks against the investment, and see if restoration services are a good fit your team.

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