Great Products for Bedridden Patients

Whether you are a full-time caretaker or a helpful family member, taking care of someone who is confined to their bed is no simple task. Check out these simple products that can improve a patient’s in-home care.

Bed Rails

Bed rails give a patient the ability to get to a sitting position on their own. These also provide stability and safety for a person who is able to get in and out of bed independently. Bed ladders can also be a great resource as they allow a person to pull themselves up by using the rungs of the ladder. Having the ability to do these things on their own gives the person a sense of independence. 

Inflatable Shampoo Basin

It may be difficult or even impossible for a patient to wash their own hair in their current condition. Hair washing aids for bedridden patients allow caretakers to wash a patient’s hair while the patient remains in their bed. The inflatable design is great for comfort and stability and is quick and easy to set up. After use, simply deflate the basin and drain water into a pail for easy removal.

Bed Wedges and Pads

It’s important that a patient’s head and neck are supported if they are confined to their bed. Bed wedges are great because they can be used to support the spine and upper back or elevate a patient’s legs and feet. Reusable bed pads are good for protecting the bed from incontinence or other wetness. After an accidental spill, just replace the bed pad with a clean one and put the used one in the washing machine for quick cleanup.

Being a caretaker is a hard job, but it is incredibly rewarding. Consider purchasing these products to enhance your patient’s care. If you have questions or need recommendations, you can contact your patient’s doctor.

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