Common Reasons for a Dental Visit

While it is important for you to visit the dentist twice per year for regular cleanings, there are acute problems that a dentist can fix. With the help of dental services Seattle WA, you can protect your mouth and preserve your oral health. Take a look at some of the most common problems that a dentist can fix.

Tooth Decay

Of course, one of the most common reasons why people go to the dentist is for tooth decay. Also called a cavity, this happens when bacteria burrow a hole in the enamel of the tooth, which is the white part. Bacteria eat food that is leftover on the teeth. Then, they secrete acid as a byproduct. It is this acid that leads to cavities. While some cavities are obvious, others can be quite small. That is why it takes a dentist to diagnose them. Then, a trained dentist can fill the cavity with a variety of substances, helping to preserve the tooth.

Root Canals

Another common reason why you might need to go to the dentist is for something called a root canal. All teeth are anchored into the gums and jaws by roots. These roots also contain nerves. Sometimes, people have sensitive teeth and might feel shock-like sensations that transmit through the tooth to the rest of the jaw. This can be incredibly painful and might even cause people to avoid eating. This can lead to nutritional problems. A trained dentist can conduct a procedure called a root canal. This could help you resolve tooth pain.

Protect Your Health with Regular Dental Visits

These are just two of the many reasons why you might need to schedule an appointment with a dentist. The good news is that if you invest in cleanings twice per year, you can reduce your chances of developing these issues.

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