Benefits of Custom Plastic Extrusions – Polystyrene Vs. Butyrate

The benefits of custom plastic extrusions are obvious but highly advantageous. First, let’s look at a couple of common types of plastic extrusions. Butyrate and Polystyrene are two types of plastics commonly used in manufacturing. Each has unique benefits, and if you’re unsure which one to choose, here are some tips to consider.


Making polystyrene custom plastic extrusions Lansdale pa products involves feeding the material through a customized opening into the machine. The material may be in the form of a tube, rod, or alternative profile. The polymer melts gradually as it passes through the extruder and is then directed through the hopper and throat of the machine to the final destination. 

Because it is one of the most affordable plastics, polystyrene is inexpensive and easy to cut. Household tools and computer-guided cutting equipment can be used to cut polystyrene. Engineers commonly use polystyrene foam in prototypes. Polystyrene is cheap, easy to cut and glue, and can be recycled after use.

Plastics can be compounded or enhanced for unique applications. Reinforcing fibers, for example, can improve thermal stability and mechanical properties. They can also reduce warpage and shrinkage. In addition, reinforcing materials can be added simultaneously as the plastic polymer, known as co-extrusion. This process results in even more performance benefits. For custom extrusions, these benefits are multiplied.

Depending on the application, polystyrene custom extrusion processes can be a great way to save money on production. For instance, polypropylene custom extrusions are an excellent choice in manufacturing refrigerator gaskets. By working with a polystyrene custom extruder, you’ll be able to save on cost and ensure the quality of your final product.

Custom polystyrene products can be used in a variety of industries. Automotive, construction, and manufacturing are just a few of the sectors where these products are used. You can also contact specialized plastic extrusion companies to design and produce a customized product for your needs. Custom polystyrene extrusions can be customized to achieve unique properties and applications.


Butyrate custom plastic extrusions can be used in a variety of applications. They are lightweight and have low melting points, making them suitable for various applications. They are also easy to extrude and thermoform and have attractive glossy finishes. These plastics are commonly used in automotive parts, connectors, and electronic packaging. They can also be used in the construction industry.

Butyrate is also known as cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) and is derived from cellulose through chemical modification. It is a rigid, transparent plastic with excellent impact and dimensional stability. It is also very easy to process and can be used for various applications, including decorative trim. Butyrate custom plastic extrusions are commonly used for retail packaging and medical components.

The process of plastic extrusion is an innovative way to design and manufacture custom plastic products. The process involves using a precision extrusion die that forces plastic through an orifice. The resulting product can have nearly any shape you can imagine, including intricate shapes, hardness, color, and texture. However, the plastic cross-section must remain constant throughout the extrusion process to prevent disorientation.

Another way to use Butyrate custom plastic extrusions is to manufacture packaging. Clear plastic mailing tubes are a typical application, such as shipping documents and samples. However, some companies creatively use this material in advertising, direct mail, and product samples. For example, CAB clear mailing tubes are USPS approved and are highly weatherproof. These tubes are also sealed with closures that prevent moisture from getting into them.

Butyrate is another flexible and rigid polymer. It is resistant to acids, chemicals, and electrical currents. It is used in packaging, containers, and plastic cutlery. While it’s not thermally stable, butyrate is transparent and possesses tremendous impact and dimensional stability. As a result, it is often used for rigid plastic components in the chemical processing industry. 

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