5 Things To Do Before the Big Interview

Before you walk into the conference room, it’s vital to prepare yourself mentally and physically. The first impression is a make it or break it moment, allowing others to understand who you are and how you may work well with the staff. Put your best foot forward by doing the following five things.

1. Review Your Resume

Proofread your documentation. Update your resume with any changes, and check for grammar. Managers vary on their understanding of grammar. It’s better to shine, showing off perfect spelling and commas. The extra care shows attention to detail, organization and care.

Contact your references, making each person aware of a potential contact. Ensure that phone numbers and websites are correct.

2. Prepare a Winning Look

Professional appearance is important. Select an outfit that is clean and polished-looking. Consider the position, and dress appropriately. For instance, if interviewing for management, consider a power suit. Colors such as red, black or deep blue command strength and respect. They could make you stand out more. Shoes should be without scuffs.

Don’t just think about attire. If possible, get a haircut. Women may want to get a manicure. Men may desire a beard trim. Whiten teeth, and fix any gaps or chips. A dentist assists with these final two stages, applying appropriate treatments such as teeth bonding Park Slope.

3. Practice Answering Questions

Work with a friend or family member to have a mock interview. Anticipate the interviewer’s questions, thinking carefully about which answers work best. 

4. Research the Company’s Record

Understand the position’s responsibilities and the business’s mission. Spend time reviewing online reviews and websites. 

5. List Out Your Assets

How do you fit in best with this establishment? Take the opportunity to reflect on your work ethic and personality. Write out the traits you have that would work well with the organization. Use it to psych yourself up and bolster your interview answers.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Effort and consideration could make a big difference in your interview process.

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