4 Reasons To Take Your Pet to Doggy Day Care

If you and your family members are gone much of the day, your dog may be getting into plenty of mischief at home alone. This is one good reason to consider doggy day care for your pet. If you choose this route, you will also give your dog a steady routine, useful socialization and the opportunity for training.


Dogs that are left alone too long tend to get into plenty of mischief. If you’ve ever come home to find a shredded couch cushion or garbage scattered all over the house, then you know all about this. Lonely dogs are bored dogs, and bored dogs can be troublemakers. A dog day care center will provide necessary supervision and activity that will keep your dog occupied and your house in one piece.


Animals need routine just as much as humans do, and doggy day care can provide an active pattern for your pet. Your dog will receive plenty of exercise, enjoyable play time, grooming, attention and good food all at predictable times. This will help keep your pet calm, balanced and safe.


Dogs need socialization. If you only have one dog, he or she might lack the opportunity to be around other animals and learn to cope with friendly and unfriendly companions. Doggy day care will allow your pet to meet all kinds of other dogs and make friends. Dogs are, after all, pack animals, so this kind of interaction is necessary for them. Also, your dog will learn how to relate to new people, and this can curb stress and reduce aggression.


Many doggy day cares also provide training. Professionals will teach your pet valuable commands and obedience skills that will make him or her easier to handle, better behaved and more docile at home. You might be surprised at how well-mannered your pet becomes after a few weeks at doggy day care.

While doggy day care involves a modest expense, you might find it well worth the money for the benefits it brings.

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