4 Facts About Genetics

Genetics is the branch of biology that examines genes and heredity in people and animals. Gregor Mendel was one of the first scientists to study this field in the 1800s, and now genetics is used for many things including solving crimes, locating missing people, and determining ancestry. Here are four interesting facts about genetics. 

1. Humans Are Very Much Alike

Humans share approximately 99.9% of their genetic material with each other. This means that it is only 0.1% of genetic material that makes humans unique, accounting for differences in things like height and eye color. On a similar note, humans are around 90% genetically similar to cats and 60% similar to a banana. 

2. Humans Contain Ancient DNA

The genetic material of humans contains viral material from diseases that ancient humans suffered from long ago. Genetic genealogy Hebron KY is an important field for those who wish to learn more about their ancestors, including knowing what kinds of diseases they might have had. 

3. Genetics Can Affect Taste

You may have heard that the herb cilantro tastes good to some people but tastes like soap to other people. The reason for this has to do with genetics, and the taste of vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage can be affected by genetics as well. These vegetables can taste bitter to some people while they are enjoyable to others. Consider this the next time you opt for cilantro on your taco or burrito, or a side of broccoli with your meal. 

4. Not All Twins Are Alike

Identical twins have all of their genetic material in common, while fraternal twins only share half, just like siblings who are not twins. The difference between identical and fraternal twin DNA has to do with how the twins were formed before birth. 

Consider these four facts when thinking about genetics and DNA. 

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