4 Cool Basement Remodeling Ideas To Try

Having extra basement space in your home is always a bonus feature for any homeowner, but knowing what to do with it can be challenging. If you are like many people who have a basement, you may use it to store things you do not know what to do with and holiday decor.

If this sounds familiar, this year could be the perfect time to consider what basement remodeling St Louis could do for your home. Maybe you have not even thought about ways to use the additional space. For some lower-level rearranging inspiration, consider this list of ideas. 

1. Basement Reading Nook

On slow days, nothing compares to finding your own little space to curl up with a good book. Why not make the perfect spot for doing exactly that in your basement? A basement reading nook is a fairly easy remodeling project that can have major payoffs in terms of personal joy.

2. Basement Laundry Room

On the other hand, maybe your remodeling ideas have a bigger focus on productivity than leisure. In this case, a basement laundry room could be a great remodeling change to consider. Think about your current laundry area and what living space change opportunities the switch would create. 

3. Basement Home Theater

If you are a movie buff who likes to come home after a long day of work to watch television and relax, then turning that extra space below the house into a home theater might be right up your alley. To save room and installation costs, consider setting up a projector.

4. Basement Workout Room

To help you keep this year’s resolution to get more in shape, another solid remodeling idea to think about is the creation of a basement workout room. If there is enough space for multiple machines, consider creating your own mini-gym. Use this list as inspiration, but do not let it be your limit. Look around your basement and think about all the ways you could change it up. 

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