3 Ways to Nurture Yourself This Season

In rapidly changing times, taking good care of yourself is more important than ever. Staying current on health-related appointments is one way. Exercising and eating right is another. But another crucial way to take care of yourself is to pay attention to quiet comforts. It may not come naturally at first; doing so takes intentionality and regular practice. Here are three body-based mindfulness practices you can use to nurture yourself.

1. Focus on Your Senses

Did you know that your senses are direct paths for joy and delight? Peace and rejuvenation are all within your reach if you slow down and mindfully focus on them. Feeling a beloved pet’s fur, smelling fragrant herbs, and savoring the colors of a sunset are everyday gifts you can give yourself. Wanting to feel cared-for and revitalized all over? Try massage/body treatments Redlands CA to experience soothing touch and stress relief.  

2. Bring in the Music

If you make music the object of your focus, you can also evoke feelings of ease and relaxation. The powerful effects of music on mood and perception are well documented. Get out your headphones or earbuds and pick out songs and instrumentals that make you happy or relaxed. Take a walk or take a seat as you give yourself over to listening. You’ll likely notice a significant boost in your mood and feeling of relaxation.

3. Smile

It may seem like a clich√© to say that smiling makes you happy, but it’s not far off. Scientists who work in the field of embodied cognition know that how we move affects how we think and feel. Keep your face “on the smiling side” for a day and note how you feel. 

Nurturing yourself daily is a key part of effective self-care. Try these ideas to feel relaxed and connected. 

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