3 Ways to Concealed Carry During Your Workout

If you are in a profession where you need to have your firearm on you at all times or even if you simply prefer to concealed carry, certain situations, such as working out in a public setting, can make this tough. Here are 3 simple ways to make concealed carrying easier while at the gym.

Consider Investing in a Smaller Gun

If you typically carry a gun that could be hard to conceal when active, it may be time to consider getting something smaller for certain situations. However, it is becoming increasingly tough to get a gun as the pandemic has caused many people to gain interest in gun ownership, so if you intend on procuring another for public outings, you should make it a priority and also plan to wait longer than you typically would. 

Wear Appropriate Clothing 

If wearing baggy clothing to the gym isn’t your style, invest in some ccw gym clothes that are intended to hide your firearm while also looking and feeling like normal workout attire. These clothes won’t hold you back from getting a great workout, and will hide your firearm in a way that looks and feels much more natural than attempting to hide it under regular clothing.

Ensure That Your Holster Can Manage the Weight of Your Gun 

If you prefer to wear a holster for your gun, do not skimp on quality and strength. Ensure that your holster is strong enough to handle the weight of your gun whether you are doing burpees or just a quick run. If your holster slips and your gun is revealed, it could cause unnecessary drama that can be easily avoided.

Carrying your gun in public does not have to be a challenge. Follow these easy tips and you will have no trouble taking your gun to the gym-or anywhere else. 

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