3 Tips for Selling Your Horse

You may love horses and enjoy owning, riding and showing them. The day may arrive when you decide to sell your horse, however. Children grow rapidly, and sometimes the small horses or ponies they start with become too small to fit the riders’ new statures. You might begin your showing experience on a horse trained for one purpose but then develop a desire to expand your skills with a mount more suited to your new endeavor. Regardless, you will want to find the best new home possible for your horse. Consider and prepare for these three areas to have the best selling experience possible for both you and your horse.

Use A Stable For Help

A quality riding stable has a team of equestrian experts available to help you through the process of selling your horse. They can help you find potential buyers because they have contacts in the local horseback riding community, several of whom may be in the market to purchase a horse, for example. In addition, they may also be able to help with background checks on potential buyers to ensure that your horse goes to a good home. Furthermore, you can also list your horse as part of print and online sale horses Wappingers Falls NY listings to find buyers looking for a new horse.

Accurately Describe Your Horses’ Characteristics

Be sure to account for your horse’s unique characteristics honestly. You will want to include information about the horse’s condition, training that your horse has achieved, and other personality traits that a new owner would benefit from knowing. This information helps to avoid any misunderstandings after the sale occurs.

Have Records Available

A new owner for your horse will want all available records to review before purchase. Be sure to have the vet and breed registry records on hand for the buyer to peruse.

By taking these three steps, you can help ensure that your horse will go to an excellent new home, and then you can be free to look for a new horse to help move you toward your next equestrian adventure.

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