3 Most Common Radiology Services

When people think of radiology, they often associate the term with broken bones. However, there is much more to radiology services than just x-rays for fractured or broken bones. In fact, most people will need regular radiology services throughout their lifetime. 


Breast cancer is a serious issue for women. For this reason, women should begin receiving annual mammograms around the age of 45. However, women with a family history of breast cancer may require screenings at an earlier age. Your doctor is a good source of information regarding essential health care screenings based on your health history. While mammograms can be uncomfortable for some women, they are an important step in the fight against a potentially deadly disease. 


Ultrasounds use sound waves and a conductive jelly to create a visual of internal organs. These images help doctors find hidden health problems. For instance, an ultrasound of the heart can be the first line of defense against heart disease. This non-invasive procedure checks the blood flow and movement of the organ. Problems can be found and fixed before they become bigger problems. Other internal organs that are tough to see, such as the gall bladder or pancreas, can also be checked with a simple ultrasound. Thanks to advanced imaging toms river nj, a trained and certified ultrasound technician can have you in and out of the procedure in less than an hour. 


MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. This test takes a complete picture of the inner workings of the body, from head to toe. Many MRIs are performed on closed systems; however, those patients with claustrophobia or physical problems that prevent them from being able to lie motionless for an extended period of time should look for a facility that offers an open MRI. 

While younger people often don’t have a reason to see a radiologist except for the occasional broken bone, older adults will see a radiologist routinely as part of various health screenings throughout their lives. 

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