3 Important Things To Consider When Choosing a Dentist

You’ll make lots of big decisions about your health over the course of your lifetime, but who to trust with your dental health will definitely be one of the biggest. Here’s a closer look at what to consider in order to guarantee a choice you’re sure to be happy with for a long time to come.

1. Accessibility

If you’re like most people, going to the dentist isn’t exactly your favorite thing on your to-do list, so it’s a good idea to make keeping up with your appointments as easy as possible. Look for someone with a practice located near where you live, work, or spend a lot of your free time so you don’t have to go way out of your way to get there. Think about what hours your potential dentist would need to keep in order to fit seamlessly into your usual schedule as well (e.g. weekends, evenings, or early mornings).

2. Qualifications

You only get one set of natural teeth over the course of your lifetime, so you definitely want to make sure your dentist is qualified to take care of them. Is the dentist you’re considering properly licensed to practice in your state of residence? Make sure your potential dentist, as well as any team members he may be working with have acquired a conscious sedation certification for dentists, qualifications to perform specific procedures you may eventually need done, and so forth as well.

3. Personal Rapport 

Evaluate each of the dentists you’re considering by going in for a consultation before making your final decision. How did you feel about each dentist? Did you like him, and was he able to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction? Is this someone you can see yourself trusting with your dental care, as well as your family’s? Overall, your visit should leave you with a good feeling about going back there.

At the end of the day, your dentist does need to be affordable, qualified, and practical. However, it’s important to feel comfortable with him as well. Does your dentist make the grade?

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