3 Careers to Consider Breaking into If You Need a Change

Are you looking for a career change but you aren’t sure what options are out there? Perhaps you’d like to do something different, but don’t want to be in college for four years or more. Check out these options that can present you with a brand new career while keeping your time in school to a minimum. 

1. Working as a First Responder

Working as a first responder can mean being a paramedic, a firefighter, or even a police officer. Although these three types of jobs can vary in terms of what is required, you would essentially be one of the first people to respond to different types of emergency situations. The education is usually a year or less, but might vary depending on where you live. Telecommunicators, another name for 911 operators, can also be considered first responders. 

2. Become an Esthetician

Maybe you enjoy helping people feel beautiful and would like to help them take care of their skin. if that is the case, you might be researching how to become an esthetician. This type of career is great for individuals who want to work in the health and beauty field and perhaps would like to expand on the type of services they offer, such as treatments based on skin problems or conditions. 

3. Consider Becoming a Dental Hygienist 

Although being a dental hygienist might not sound glamorous at first, there is a demand for these types of workers throughout the country. Many hygienists are able to keep normal hours and avoid working weekends, since they would work under the guidance of a dentist. This could be a good career if you like to help people take care of their dental health.

There is no shortage of careers to choose from. Find something that speaks to you, and you can begin moving into a brand new field. 

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