3 Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Whether you’re having a new home built or simply renovating your current home, what you do with your fireplace can have a great impact on both the function and overall appearance of your living space. One initial consideration for your fireplace is the heating method used. There are three main types of fireplaces: wood-burning, gas and electric. Here are three reasons going with a gas fireplace can benefit your living space. 

1. Reduce Energy Costs 

First, a gas fireplace or insert can save you money on energy! Gas heating typically costs less than electric heating, and in the case of a gas fireplace, you can also heat just your main room or part of the house without using your main heating unit. This is especially convenient when the weather temperatures in your area aren’t consistent from day to day. 

2. Save Time 

Another great benefit of using a gas fireplace is the incredible ease of use that they offer. There is no need to chop or buy wood; spend time getting a good fire going or keep a constant eye on it to maintain the fire and heat while you’d rather kick back with your friends and family and relax. 

3. Get Creative 

Finally, a particularly fun part of using a gas fireplace is the wide array of design options. You can keep things classic with ceramic logs that look like the real thing, or you can use fireplace balls. Another option is fire glass, which comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And if you currently have a wood-burning fireplace but want to switch to gas for design options, you can always have a gas insert installed in your firebox. Gas inserts repair Denver can be affordable compared to new installation, too, so if you already have a gas insert that doesn’t work, it’s probably worth getting it fixed instead of starting from scratch. 

Whether it’s for a new or a longtime home, take some time to consider the ways that a gas fireplace or insert can enhance your living space for the benefit of both you and your guests. 

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