3 Awesome Experiential Gifts for College Grads

Students graduating from college may not need material gifts. They are often in a transition phase of their lives, and do not want more possessions to pack up and move around. Here are three great ways to give experiences instead.


Give the gift of relaxation. One gift that is sure to be appreciated is a massage membership Clearwater, Florida. Typical memberships include an hour-long massage each month, so this is a gift that keeps on giving. Find a firm that will schedule massages at the recipient’s home, to make getting massaged as convenient and relaxing as possible. For people who don’t like massage, serenity can come from within. Numerous studies show the stress-relieving health benefits of meditation, guided imagery and deep breathing. Recent graduates may not be up for taking another class, but an app on their smartphone may be all they need.


Students often have access to first-rate fitness facilities on campus. As that access ends, students may struggle to maintain their exercise habits. Help them out by gifting gym memberships. Find out what is most important to them — it may be fitness classes, the latest weight machines or a pool — and locate a facility that includes those features. Purchase six months to a year to get them started off right. Many graduates are also transitioning from campus meal plans to home cooking. These budding chefs may appreciate meal kit subscriptions. Kits can be tailored to meet dietary requirements and personal tastes. Since ingredients come pre-measured, there is no guesswork and no waste.


Most cities large enough to house a university also have community orchestras, theaters and museums. Any local attraction or sports venue can fit in this category. Be as extravagant as your budget will allow, from a single outing to a pair of season tickets. Between work and school, graduates have probably had little time for entertainment, so nights out on the town are sure to be prized.

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