3 Alternatives to Public Schools

There are many reasons parents are becoming warier about sending their kids to public schools. controversial curriculum, politicized agendas of administrators and school boards and the threat of violence are just a few of them. However, many parents are unfamiliar with alternative options that can provide a solid educational background.

If you are considering removing your children from public schools you are probably all too familiar with the lack of information. Before you make any decisions, consider these three alternatives to public schools that provide solid education fundamentals while nourishing well-rounded children.

1. Religion-Based Schools

If you want your children to attend a school that shares your fundamental religious beliefs, then a church-based school may be an ideal solution. They integrate faith-based teaching into the rest of the curricula, so your children learn it as a whole-life approach. If you decide to go this route, talk with church members and pastors for suggestions. They can point you in the direction of schools aligned with your personal beliefs. 

2. Private Secular Schools

Not all private schools are faith-based. There are many options for secular education as well. Many of these schools take a child-centered approach to education, allowing for ample social interaction and hands-on, play-focused learning. If you are searching for an independent elementary school Cambridge MA, this may be a good choice for you.   

3. Homeschooling

Homeschooling could be a good choice for parents who want to take a more hands-on approach. Having grown in popularity over the past years, more and more parents are seeking out this stay-at-home option. This is a very customizable approach — You can choose a secular or faith-based curriculum package or design your own based on your children’s individual interests and needs.

Parents opting out of public schools have several viable options for their children. Homeschooling and faith-based or secular private schools can all provide a well-rounded education that prepares your children for the future.

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