2 Tips for Comfortable Concealed Carrying

Whether you are new to handgun ownership or you are making the switch from open carry, concealed carrying can feel uncomfortable at first. Of course, the more you do it, the more natural it will feel, but if you’d like to speed up that process read on for two tips on getting comfortable with carrying concealed.

Find the Right Equipment

Make sure your holster covers the trigger guard then try holsters for different body positions. Make sure your holsters keep your gun secure. You don’t want to always be checking on it.

Because you wear different types of clothes depending on the occasion and the weather you should try to have at least two holster positions with which you are comfortable. Consider investing in specialized clothing like concealed carry coats and jackets. Keep in mind your lifestyle as well. If you drive a lot, a waistband holster may become uncomfortable over time.

Get More Trigger Time

Besides the holster, draw practice is going to make your handgun feel more natural and speed your reflexes. With your gun unloaded practice drawing from your holster over and over. The fact is that your first holster, or your first ten, may not be ideal. If you can’t get comfortable drawing from your holster, be willing to try a different holster or different placement.

Check whether your range allows you to draw and shoot so you get live practice. Even if drawing is not allowed, the more practice you get firing your weapon the better you’ll get and the more natural it will feel. It will also build your confidence in carrying and using your gun.

A concealed carry means you’re sacrificing draw speed. By following these two tips you’ll cut down your draw time and increase your comfort and confidence in your ability to deal with threatening situations effectively.

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