Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome and Healthy Lifestyle

Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome is a disease that affects most parts of the body. It is mostly present in babies during birth. Unlike their peers, people with this condition tend to be taller or bigger in size. At the age of 8 the growth slows down and most grown up people are not abnormally tall. Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome may affect some parts of the body and sometimes it affects one side of the body causing uneven growth of the body.
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Characteristics of the Beckwidth-Wiedemann Syndrome
The sign and symptoms of the condition vary in different people.
At birth, some children are born with an opening at the side of their abdomen mostly at the belly button that has the internal organs protruding.
Presence of a soft pouch around the belly button is also seen in some infants.

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